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Our Story

Our story began with a simple idea - helping others. As humans, we are bound to help others and are always seeking 'Helper's High'. The warm glow of pro sociality certainly drives us in helping a fellow human being. So in 2019, when the world was at the highest gear and people were time constrained, we launched Healingbell as a platform to seek and provide help.


We saw people, especially in urban India struggling to complete tasks, look after their loved ones or care for their pets. Healingbell was designed in such a way that anyone could request help on our platform to be taken up by our verified community members.


Healingbell began helping people even throughout the raging covid-19 pandemic with various requests from medicine deliveries to vaccination assists. As we got more requests on our platform, we quickly realised that most of our requests were coming from the elderly or from people who wanted us to care for their senior family members.


Our team understood this problem quite well as we had senior parents who lived alone far away from us. We knew the issues seniors faced everyday and it motivated us immensely to use Healingbell as a platform to provide on-demand help for our loved ones.

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Our Healingbell Nurses


Our Healingbell Caregivers



Looking for a reliable Home Health Care Service to help with home care and health-related needs? You’ve come to the right place! At Healingbell Healthcare, we offer patients top of the line services and make an effort to go the extra mile with our Same Day Visits. We guarantee excellence in all we do, and are here to get you feeling better again.

Proud Grandparents


At Healingbell Healthcare, we care about the wellbeing and health of all of our patients, and have more than just the typical home care services to offer you. With Healingbell Healthcare, you can count on the best Licensed Clinical Workers in the industry. Our patients benefit from the exceptional service we provide, and can be sure that their health is in good hands.

Senior Swimmer


Our Home Health Care Service works hard to provide patients with top of the line home health solutions that are catered to suit their needs. With our Multilingual Staff you know you’re getting the complete care package you deserve, and we consider it one of our strongest features. At Healingbell Healthcare, you’re bound to feel better in no time at all — our patients are guaranteed high quality home care options from the moment they request our services.

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