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Choose your Nursing plan

When do you need Nursing services?

24 Hours

Choose between 1 provider or 2 providers who will stay with you to provide care through out the day and night.

12 Hours

Choose between your required shift for the duration of 12 hours, day or night. For example, 8PM - 8AM or 8AM - 8PM.

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The need for nursing services can arise in various situations and for different individuals. Here are common scenarios in which people may require nursing services:

  1. Hospital Stay:

    • Individuals admitted to hospitals often require nursing care for monitoring vital signs, administering medications, wound care, and overall support during their recovery.

  2. Post-Surgery Recovery:

    • After surgical procedures, individuals may need nursing services for wound care, pain management, and assistance with activities of daily living during the recovery period.

  3. Chronic Illness Management:

    • Individuals with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease may need ongoing nursing care to manage their conditions, administer medications, and monitor symptoms.

  4. Palliative and End-of-Life Care:

    • Patients with terminal illnesses or those receiving palliative care may require nursing services to manage pain, provide emotional support, and ensure comfort in their final stages of life.

  5. Home Healthcare:

    • Patients who prefer to receive medical care at home, especially those with mobility issues or chronic illnesses, may benefit from nursing services delivered in a home setting.

  6. Maternal and Newborn Care:

    • Expectant mothers and newborns often require nursing services for prenatal care, postnatal support, breastfeeding assistance, and newborn care.

  7. Rehabilitation Services:

    • Individuals recovering from injuries, surgeries, or strokes may need nursing services as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan, including physical therapy and other healthcare interventions.

  8. Medication Management:

    • People of all ages who require assistance with medication management, including proper dosage, timing, and potential side effects, may benefit from nursing services.

  9. Health Education:

    • Nursing services are crucial for health education, providing information and guidance on disease prevention, lifestyle modifications, and overall well-being.

  10. Assistance for the Elderly:

    • Elderly individuals who may have difficulty with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, or managing medications, often require nursing services to support their independence and overall health.

  11. Recovery from Accidents or Injuries:

    • Individuals recovering from accidents or injuries may need nursing care for wound care, pain management, and rehabilitation to regain optimal function.

It's important to note that the need for nursing services can vary based on individual health conditions, preferences, and circumstances. The goal of nursing services is to promote health, prevent illness, and provide support and care tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

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